The Morning Formation Podcast

The Morning Formation Podcast

Current military service members, fellow veterans, aspiring future warriors, and those who seek to learn more about our military community- Get up, it’s time for formation!

This podcast is a place for you to get information on military career & personal transition into and out of the military. I’m going to be speaking with fellow veterans, military entrepreneurs, educational military sources, military spouses, and civilians who strongly support our community, who will all be sharing information to help folks interested leveling themselves up.

So, let’s stay tuned, stay focused, and stay motivated!

Warriors, Fall In!

Recent Episodes

March 22, 2023

Air Force NCO Becomes a UFC Star with Leah Letson

Warriors, Fall in! It’s time for formation… Today I am joined with a Air National Guards service member who also happens to be a retired, professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. She been training in some form of martial arts...

March 08, 2023

Combat Marine Coaches The Next Generation For a Better Tomorrow with Coach Chris Torres

Warriors, fall in...It’s time for formation. Today, I’m joined with a Marine Corp Veteran who I actually met while attending the Military Influencer Conference in Las Vegas, last year. At that time, I got an opportunity to he...

February 22, 2023

An IT Career After Your Military Service with Act Now Education Board Member Mario Simon

Warriors, Fall in… It’s time for formation. Today, I’m joined with a very active Act Now Education board member. Unlike many other situations, being a board member for Act Now is a tall order, in itself because it means you’v...