Dec. 14, 2022

Bridging the Gap: How This Army Veteran Got Her Dream Job

Most people would do anything to obtain a government job. Today’s guest on The Morning Formation Podcast is Sumeya Gibril. She explains why quitting her government position was the right move for her and her career goals.

KP’s guest, Sumeya Gibril, is an Army Veteran who served in Camp Casey, Korea and Fort Story, Virginia. She retired from the Army in 2017 and later went on to work for US Customs and Border Patrol for over 3 years. Sumeya continues to invest in her education so she can continue growing in her career path.

Sumeya Gibril immigrated to the US from East Africa at the age of 11. She knows 4 languages and has always been driven by the goal to be financially independent. Sumeya shares her reasons for joining the Army and the reasons she is so happy she joined. After retiring, she landed a job with US Customs and Border Protection, but her career growth did not stop there. With the help of military nonprofit, ACT NOW Education, Sumeya found Veteran mentors and free education and certification resources. Because of Sumeya’s motivation plus the free resources from ACT NOW Education, she is now working at a job she absolutely loves.

Sumeya’s story is yet another wonderful example of career success after the military. To hear more about the specific resources she used to help her obtain her dream job and her advice for transitioning members, then make sure to check out the full episode!

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Blog post written by Lina Gomez