March 8, 2023

Coaching the Future Leaders of Tomorrow: Marine Corp Vet Started a Nonprofit for Young Athletes

When thinking of the future and what your community will look like in the years to come, do you ever stop to think of who will be impacting your community? If we seek to live in a community of people who show mutual respect for one another, then we have to play an active role in developing the future leaders who will be leading our communities one day. Today’s guest on The Morning Formation Podcast is Chris Torres. Chris shares how his nonprofit is helping to build the leaders of tomorrow, and how you can do the same!

KP’s guest, Chris Torres, is a US Marine Corp Veteran who is now a Coach to youth athletes as well as the CEO of the non profit organization, Future Stars Sports Clinic. Future Stars Sports Clinic of Fort Walton Beach is dedicated to impacting the lives of 6-13 year old kids by teaching them sports fundamentals, helping them build character, and by getting them involved in community service.

In the interview, Chris reflects back on his time in the service and how it impacts the way he lives his life, especially as a youth sports coach. He shares his reasons for becoming a coach and what led him to starting a nonprofit, focused on impacting the lives of children through sports. Coach Chris explains what the Future Stars Sports Clinic involves and why their program is different from typical sports clinics. He shares some specific examples of the youth that have not only been positively impacted by the nonprofit, but how those same youth are now making a difference in their communities. Chris explains their work with sponsors and professional athletes and how everyone involved is driven to change the communities of the future. Finally, Chris offers some advice for those who are interested in starting their own community programs or nonprofits.

To hear more about how you can get involved in helping the Future Stars Sports Clinic, make sure to listen to the whole episode!

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Blog post written by Lina Gomez