July 13, 2022

College Students: STOP limiting your options! Why you need to consider ROTC

“With Army ROTC, you can get your degree in anything you want. So you can literally study anything you want…On the scholarship, it's fully paid for, either full tuition and fees or room and board, and you get to choose which one…And a lot of colleges, for ROTC students, will kick in room and board. And so now you're going to college completely for free. So it's a great deal!”


In a recent interview with Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Parlette, KP of The Morning Formation Podcast, was able to sit down with the Professor of Military Science and learn about the vast number of benefits of the ROTC program.


LTC Michelle Parlette is a Professor of Military Science at San Diego State University, a 21-year service member of the Army, and a former ROTC member herself.


In the interview, LTC Parlette explains that the ROTC program is a wonderful opportunity for college students to earn a degree while also obtaining valuable skills that they can later use in their military career.


Speaking of their military career, many students and parents have a big misconception about ROTC. They think when one signs up for the ROTC program at college, that they are enlisting in the military and will be starting basic training to then head off to war. That is not the case.

“Joining ROTC, yes, you do sign a contract. But you're still just a college student doing you know, ROTC classes on the side, essentially, and any other activities you want to get involved in…You are a student, you're going to ROTC classes, you're going to sit in a classroom, you're gonna go out to the fields, you know, and train and just develop your leadership skills.”


The ROTC program is more than just training the student for a future military career. Being part of the ROTC program is a wonderful opportunity for one to develop their discipline and their mind.


There are opportunities to be part of groups such as color guard, who present the colors and flags at different ceremonies and events. There are also numerous opportunities during the summer breaks. For example, there is a 10-week program, in which ROTC cadets can learn another language. This program is completely free. This is just one of numerous, summer training programs that the ROTC offers. Many of these programs are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that ROTC cadets can take advantage of.


In the interview with LTC Parlette, host KP shares his wonderful experience being part of the ROTC program when he was in school. KP explains that he wasn’t the most book-smart student. He had to work extra hard when it came to the academic portion. He says in the interview:

“...You may not be a great, first-time-pick-it-up-don't-ever-have-to-study-but-pass-the-test type of person. But maybe you're just the type of person who's persistent, enjoys working hard, and ROTC gives you that opportunity to demonstrate that part of you! And that's what I love the most about being part of the, the ROTC program!”


The ROTC program is worth considering, and not just for recent high-school graduates. The program is a worthwhile opportunity for current college students and for already enlisted service members, who want to go to college and earn a degree.


Before you totally ignore this wonderful opportunity, listen to the whole interview with Lieutenant Colonel Parlette. You will learn about all benefits to being a part of the ROTC program, including the many scholarships available.


Click here to listen to the full interview!


Blog post written by: Lina Gomez