Aug. 31, 2022

Exciting Career Opportunities at Uber: Veterans Will be Uber - Interested!

“But there are a lot of positions that we've got, whether they be in operations or project management. Where you can take a lot of what you've done in the military, and bring it right to the table…Uber recognizes that value.”

Michael Pett, head of Military and Veteran programs at Uber, wants the military community to know that Uber truly values the community and actively seeks to hire veterans and their spouses.

In a recent interview with KP of The Morning Formation Podcast, Michael Pett shares some of his own transition experience after retiring from the Army and he also dives into the great opportunity he had to work for Uber. Uber doesn’t just hire contractors to drive for the company, but the company offers great corporate employment opportunities.

Michael Pett is an Army Veteran who has recruiting experience within the military and also in the civilian sector. He has a real passion to help people find jobs that fulfill their needs to support themselves and their families.

In the interview, Pett goes into more detail about why a corporate career in Uber is a great opportunity for those in the military community. As a company, Uber is resilient and able to overcome adversity. Traits that are shared with those who have served in the military. This makes for a great match. Pett also goes into more detail about the Military and Veteran programs that Uber offers.

“There are so many amazing resources for FREE to the Armed Forces community to get them tech savvy…We have a Sales Academy, Talent Acquisition Academy, Software Engineering Academies, Data Science Academies.”

Pett also explains that Uber is active in talent development and makes certain their new employees are not just left in the dust.  

This tech company doesn’t just tout being “military friendly.” They are investing time and money into hiring military veterans and spouses because they know the value these people can bring to the table.

To find out more details about the MVP program at Uber, listen to the whole interview with Michael Pett.

Click here for the whole interview.


Blog post written by: Lina Gomez