July 20, 2022

Former Military Brat from India Gives Thanks to US Military

“I start thinking of the word, ‘American Dream.’ As for me, ‘American Dream,’ or even what we are doing right now, today, is only possible because our men and women decided to wear,…volunteered to wear that uniform, to protect us, in which many have sacrificed their life.”

Well-known California realtor and one of the hosts of the show The American Dream TV, Sunny Singh, has the utmost respect for military personnel. He recognizes that those of us who live in the USA are able to live the great lives we live, because of the work of the United States military.


Recently, KP of the Morning Formation Podcast, was asked to be a guest on the show, The American Dream TV. Sunny Singh, a passionate realtor who is known for dancing with his clients, is a new host for the television series. The American Dream TV is a national television show highlighting lifestyle & real estate in various cities across the United States.


Sunny, a former military brat himself, wanted to honor the US military by dedicating his first episode to the military community. He had some connections to KP and invited him as a guest on the very first episode that he hosted for The Amercian Dream TV series, California edition.


KP was honored to be a guest on the TV show, so he invited Sunny to be a guest on The Morning Formation Podcast,to learn more about Sunny and why he has such a high regard for the men and women in uniform.


In the interview,Sunny Singh explains that his respect for the military started when he was a boy. Sunny was a military brat. He and his 3 siblings lost their mother at a young age and were raised by their father, who served over 30 years in the Indian Air Force.


Sunny is very appreciative of his experiences and being brought up in the military community. His family moved around a lot and he became highly adaptable because of this.


Mr. Singh is now a well-known realtor in the state of California who has a passion for people and for treating others with love and respect. He attributes his attitude towards life to his upbringing. Sunny had to face some challenges in life, but didn’t let the difficult times stand in his way of pushing forward.

“Adversity causes some men to break, and others to break record.”


Sunny Singh is a strong supporter of the military, a passionate realtor who goes above and beyond for his clients, and a great person to talk to. Listen to the episode for more details about what it was like, growing up in a military family in India and how he got into the real estate industry.


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Blog post written by: Lina Gomez