Sept. 7, 2022

How Combat Veteran Inspired This Civilian to Give Back to Thousands of Service Members

“We want to do our part on the civilian sector, just to really help raise awareness for a lot of the challenges that members of the military community are facing.”

Elle and Mike Rueger are a great example of how the civilian community can make a huge impact by serving the military community.

In a recent interview with KP of The Morning Formation Podcast, Elle shares how she was inspired by close friend and military veteran, Tommy, to create a business that not only offers quality products but gives back a large portion to the men and women in uniform.

Elle Rueger is the Founder of a company called Soledier Socks. For years, she had a vision about offering US made products that could benefit the people of the military and civilians alike.

In the interview, Elle explains that the inspiration for Soledier Socks came from when Elle and her husband Mike would send care packages to their good friend Tommy, when he was away in the service. She remembers Tommy always being so appreciative about the great quality socks he received from the Ruegers. As we know, military members are constantly on their feet and they need good quality foot ware to maintain comfort and good health. Elle shared how delighted she was to be joined by Tommy during the interview. Tommy, the inspiration behind the company, was able to talk about his time in the service and what he has been up to since he retired from the Navy.

“It was really great and I get to have this nice life and do something that I really enjoy and really, really love…pretty much because of my time in the military.”

It is evident that the Ruegers not only love their friend, Tommy, but they genuinely love giving back to the military community. For every pair of socks purchased from their company, they donate a pair to an active duty member of the military. Not only do they donate physical socks, but they have donated thousands of dollars to multiple military nonprofits.

You will be inspired and moved by this interview. To learn more details about their friendship and how it inspired such a great mission, listen to the whole episode with Elle and Tommy.

Click here for the whole interview.


Blog post written by: Lina Gomez