Jan. 30, 2023

Relational Capital is Vital in the Military and the Civilian World

Investing in your future after the service, by making smart financial decisions is important. What’s even more important are the investments you make in yourself. Today’s guest on The Morning Formation Podcast is Javier Guitron. Javier explains why you need to have relational capital and the importance of improving your communication with others.

KP’s guest, Special Operations Sergeant First Class, Javier Guitron, is currently serving as an 18E in the United States Special Forces. 

In the interview, Javier discusses why he decided to join the US Army Special Forces and the sacrifices it took to get there. Javier shares some specific memories and humbling learning lessons from some of his deployments. One of the biggest lessons he learned was that relationships should be treated like currency. Speaking of currency, Javier also shares how at one point he had no passion for life or direction. He had contemplated blowing all of his money. Thankfully, he was introduced to the world of real estate where he began to make sound financial investments. Javier bought his first property in 2017 and now has 10 properties. Javier shares his no frills advice for those looking to invest in real estate. Finally, Javier explains what his plans are for the future and offers some important pieces of advice for all to benefit from.

To hear more about Javier’s interesting military career and to gain some valuable insight on relational capital, make sure to listen to the whole episode!

Click here for the full interview.


Blog post written by Lina Gomez