May 4, 2023

This Military Brat Honors Her Father's Service by Helping to Stop Veteran Homelessness

As Veterans, we may often feel like the civilian world not only misunderstands us, but maybe we feel like they don’t even care about who we are or what we did in the service. We might also feel like our own families don’t understand us or maybe take us for granted. This is not the case with today’s guest, Heather, who grew up as a military brat. Heather shares why she is so grateful for her father’s time in the service. She also shares why it inspired her to do the work she does today, as one who is dedicated to fighting veteran homelessness.

Today’s guest on The Morning Formation Podcast is Heather Harvin. Heather currently works at U.S. VETS as theNational Corporate & Community Relations Coordinator. U.S.VETS is the largest nonprofit organization with boots on the ground, to combat America’s veteran homeless crisis head-on. 

In the interview,Heather shares that while she was raised by her very strict and orderly, military father, she is so grateful for the upbringing she had. She also shares what life was like for her father growing up in the 1940s in the Southern USA and why he decided to join the Army in order to provide for his younger siblings. Heather explains that because she was inspired by her hardworking and dedicated father, she decided to honor his service by taking a role at the nonprofit, U.S. VETS. She describes her role and the organization’s mission to end veteran homelessness. Heather explains how U.S. VETS not only offers housing to veterans, but also offers a workforce program to assist veterans in obtaining a secure career. 

To hear more about Heather’s passion in serving the military community and how U.S. VETS is impacting the lives of veterans across the country, make sure to listen to the whole episode!

Click here to watch the episode on YouTube!

Blog post written by: Lina Gomez


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