Jan. 17, 2023

This Podcast Changed My Perceptions of the Military!

Have you served in the military and felt like you are misunderstood by the civilian world? Or maybe you are a civilian who has little to no experience connecting with those of the military community? Today’s guest on The Morning Formation Podcast is Lina Gomez. Before KP brought Lina to the podcast as his social media assistant, she had very little knowledge of the military and the people who serve.

KP’s guest, Lina Gomez, is a civilian with a passion for podcasts. Lina is a social media assistant who helps brands and podcasts with various social media responsibilities. She is currently working behind the scenes, as the podcast assistant for The Morning Formation Podcast.

In a recent podcast episode, KP and Lina share how they met and how their working relationship started. Lina shares what her assumptions were when starting to work for The Morning Formation and her perception of military before working with the podcast. She also explains the life lessons she has learned, while being a part of the podcast team. The tables turn as Lina asks KP questions about his goals for the podcast and why he started the podcast in the first place. Finally, Lina and KP participate in a lightning round of silly questions, to finish off the episode.

To hear more about this civilian - veteran dynamic and to find out KP’s answers to the lightning round questions, make sure to listen to the whole episode!

Click here for the full interview.


Blog post written by Lina Gomez