March 22, 2023

This Service Member and Professional MMA Fighter Believes Martial Arts is Great for Mindfulness

The military often helps shape untrained people into disciplined, skilled, and strong warriors. Others are already disciplined fighters who decide to take that warrior spirit and join the service. Today’s guest on The Morning Formation Podcast is Leah Letson. Leah is an example of a person who started her warrior journey from a young age and then decided to take her fighting spirit and join the military.

KP’s guest, Leah Letson, is an Air National Guard service member and a retired, professional MMA fighter. She also appeared on the Ultimate Fighter Show, season 28. 

In the interview, Leah explains why joining the Air National Guard while going to college, was a perfect combination of both civilian and military life. She shares what roles she has held in the service and what her current role is. With that said, Leah was a warrior far before her joining the service. She shares that she started practicing martial arts at the age of 5 and continued to do so even during her time on deployment. Leah believes that practicing martial arts is not only a great stress reliever, but that it is a helpful form of employing mindfulness into one’s life. Leah shares that she has had to take time off of her professional MMA career due to complications in her health. Finally, Leah offers advice for those who have goals and dreams that may be difficult to achieve. 

To hear more about her martial arts experience, her health complications, and why she is an advocate for those looking to do martial arts, make sure to listen to the whole episode!

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Blog post written by Lina Gomez