Oct. 19, 2022

Veterans: It is Okay To Talk About Your Accomplishments. Advice from TEDx speaker, Lida Citroen

 “Transition isn't an event. Transitioning out of the military is not a day or a week of ceremonies and dinners and cocktail parties. It's a process. And for some people, that process takes years. For some it is a couple of months, but one person's experience is not exactly like the next person. Own and appreciate and honor your experience for what it is.”

Lida Citroen is a business coach and a military transition specialist with many years of experience helping the military community prepare for their life after the military. Lida wants the military community to know that transitioning out of the military is a complex endeavor, one that should be taken very seriously.

In a recent interview with KP of The Morning Formation Podcast, Lida Citroen shares important pieces of advice for the military community and also explains why military members should not feel bad to share their great accomplishments when looking for work in the civilian world.

Lida Citroen is an Executive Brand Strategist, TEDx Speaker, business coach, author, Veterati mentor and military transition specialist. She has written multiple books directed at transitioning military, such as Success After Service and Your Next Mission.

“But who else deserves the opportunity to live a life of meaning and purpose and fulfillment better than somebody who served their country. So take that time, it's not self indulgent, to look inside before you look outside and really ask yourself, who you are and who you want to be and find the people that are going to help you. There's so many resources out there.”

In the interview, Lida explains why she decided to give back to the military community and why she is so passionate about helping them transition into the civilian world. Lida is very grateful to military members for their service and wants to give back to them.

Lida also explains why Veterans are the perfect job candidates and also the perfect entrepreneurs, due to their resiliency and adaptability.

To hear more of Lida’s important military transition advice and to find out about the work she does to help the military community, make sure to listen to the whole interview!


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Blog post written by Lina Gomez