Aug. 10, 2022

Veterans: The Private Security Industry Is Growing Like Never Before! Private Security Needs You!

“We have a requirement in this company right now. And I think our placement rate is 80%. So we work really hard for that transition. We don't want to just give training…My job is not to get the best job, it's to get the veteran started. So that they can get on their feet, build their resume, build experience, get promoted, and what we call that upward mobility track.”

Chris Dunn, former Law Enforcement Detective and Army Veteran, now CEO of his own private security training company, is helping military vets to obtain great skills and careers in the private security industry.

In a recent interview with KP of The Morning Formation Podcast, Chris shares his passion for both improving the security industry and improving the lives of military veterans at the same time!

Chris Dunn was an investigator for the Army Military Police, and after retiring from the Army he then joined the LAPD and worked as a Detective for almost 15 years. His passion for law enforcement and security led Chris to eventually founding his own private security company. Chris is the CEO of Covered 6, a private security, training, and consulting company that is changing the way we look at private security in our current world. Covered 6 is also making an impact on the lives of veterans by giving them great skills and career opportunities in the private security sector.

In the interview, Chris explains that his company offers sophisticated and innovative safety and security services and products for first responders. Covered 6 also offers a variety of training programs to individuals in private security, educators, executives, law enforcement and global military personnel. 

“We're a vocational school, certified by the Bureau of Post Secondary Education, the DOL, the the Department of Rehab and the DOD. And now we're going for a full, advanced certification so that we can offer college credit in any state and we can move around. Because we have five programs now.”

Chris often meets veterans who are facing difficult situations now that they are retired from the military. His company has been a wonderful resource to veterans, teaching them great skills and helping them land jobs in the private security field.

To learn more about Covered 6, listen to the full interview with Chris Dunn. His company thinks outside the box and is breaking the status quo of the private security industry.

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Blog post written by: Lina Gomez