Aug. 6, 2022

Why Military Veterans Should Become Certified Project Managers

“I would encourage anyone listening, if you're transitioning or going to transition out at some point, you have to build a background that potential employers can mine for information of what you've done, that they can understand. And if you talk military when you get out. There's still value in what you did, but people don't understand what you did.”

Heather Kuhns, former military spouse and now Chief Operations Officer of Veteran-owned company, DOL Coach, wants the military community to know that their experience in the service can translate over into the civilian employment sector. One just needs to have the right words to explain their vast military experience, so a civilian employer can understand.

Heather was interviewed by KP of The Morning Formation podcast, and shared why she is so passionate to serve active duty members, veterans, spouses, and their children. The wonderful organization that Heather is a part of, helps to prepare these people for employment in the civilian job market.

Kuhns has a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Education, she worked as a Family Readiness Officer for the Marines Special Forces Regiment, she is a certified Life Coach, and she holds many certification by the Institute of Project Management.

In the interview, Kuhns explains that Project Management is a great career avenue for those in the military community, because one is managing projects and missions during their time in the service.

Heather does mention, that one must,

“…change everything that you talked about, into different language that other people can understand. I think the value of getting a project management certification is legitimizing the experiences that you've done, but learning how to talk about it, so someone else gets it.”


Heather is the COO for DOL Coach, a veteran owned and operated company, full of  experienced and educated trainers and coaches that offer valuable training to individuals and organizations. They specialize in offering courses and certifications in Project Management. Their Project Management certification process is unlike any other. They don’t just focus on an exam. DOL Coach takes into account knowledge, skills, and experience!

DOL Coach also coaches the military community in resume writing. Heather explains how important it is to translate valuable military experience into words that the civilian world can understand and appreciate.

If you are thinking of transitioning to civilian life or you have already retired and need help to improve your employment situation, you do not want to miss this interview. DOL Coach offers free and extremely low price certification options to the military community. Listen to the whole podcast episode to learn more about this great opportunity!


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Blog post written by: Lina Gomez